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    The Count’s Den features a front room lobby, a main area, a bar, 3 small office rooms, photo booth, an outdoor patio space, theatrical lighting & surround sound; all furniture, props, and utilities included. Any additional bells and whistles needed for your event can be rented at an additional fee. Please contact us for additional item rental inquiries. 


Front Room

This room serves as a charming lobby for guests entering from Olive St. Imagine cozying up with friends by the fireplace, surrounded by floating books and candles that transform this small den into a serene retreat from the city's hustle and bustle. And what could be more enchanting than a sliding bookcase? The entrance to the main room promises an unforgettable experience, adding a touch of magic to your visit.

Main Room

Entering the main room feels like stepping into a different time. Ivy crawls along the walls, 16-foot ceilings soar overhead with elegant gold frames, antique furnishings add a touch of history, and velvet drapes create an atmosphere that whispers stories of the past, captivating every guest who crosses the threshold of The Count’s Den.

Outdoor Patio

Step into our spacious outdoor patio, where every guest finds a perfect spot to relax and enjoy. With ample room for seating and mingling, our patio effortlessly accommodates more guests, ensuring everyone feels comfortable and welcomed. Imagine the added charm of vendors offering delightful treats and unique goods, enhancing your event with an array of tempting choices. Whether it's a casual gathering or a lively celebration, our patio transforms into the ideal setting for memorable moments under the open sky


  • stainless steel sink

  • stainless steel counter tops

  • fridge

  • freezer

  • plates

  • serving utensils

  • serving dishes

  • glasses


  • theatrical lights

  • motion lights

  • DMX lighting controller

  • PA system w/ microphone

  • surround sound speakers

  • projector

  • projector screen

  • iMac desktop


  • folding tables

  • folding chairs

  • yoga mats

  • ladders

  • step stools

  • extension cords

  • power outlets

  • industrial fans