The Count's Den is delighted to present INSIDE - our first interactive story to be experienced entirely remotely. Using a combination of multiple communication platforms and audiovisual elements, INSIDE provides guests the ability to interact with the vampiric residents of The Den and actively engage with and even influence the outcome of an entirely new narrative.

The experience will begin as soon as tickets are purchased and is expected to last through the end of March at least.

Participation costs $25 or is offered complimentary to ticket-holders for our upcoming event BITE: SURPRISE.


- Participants must be 18+

- This is a fully interactive experience. By registering, you are consenting to be contacted via phone, e-mail, private messaging and other means.

- While registration is open to anyone, the experience operates on Pacific Standard Time and may be inconvenient for those in different time zones.

- This experience will contain adult content, including profanity and themes of a sexual or violent nature.

- Please be respectful of our performers and staff, as well as your fellow participants. Threatening behavior or harassment will not be tolerated.

- We reserve the right to remove anyone from the experience for any reason we deem appropriate.

- You may use the Safe Word "GEMINI" (case-sensitive) to immediately end your involvement.

- While your level of involvement is up to you, we encourage people to engage as much as possible in order to get the most out of their experience.