In this fully-immersive walkthrough, guests were transported back to a punk club in 1980s New Orleans, where they saw for themselves how Germaine became the creature he is today.

This show featured multiple sets, including a recreation of a 1980s punk show, complete with a live band.

In Remember Me, the clocks are turned back as audiences are transported into the past to witness the vampiric rebirth of The Count's Den's residents.


Participants traveled back to Elizabeth's engagement party at an apple orchard in California, 1885, disguising themselves as genuine attendees, in order to explore the series of melancholic and traumatic events that led to Elizabeth's vampiric birth.

This show featured heavy live-action role-playing and free-roam elements.




A companion piece to the Remember Me series, Remember You allows guests to catch up with the vampires' present-day activity.

In Remember You: Germaine, audience members were invited to ride along with Germaine in The Count's Den limousine as he demonstrated the true extent of his cruel, inhuman nature.

This was a one-on-one, full-contact experience available only to attendees of Germaine's Remember Me show, casting both the character and the nature of The Count's Den itself in an altogether darker light.