Following the success of Los Angeles’ first immersive lounge with an on-going narrative, The Count’s Den invites audiences to partake in their first ticketed experiential event: Remember Me.


In Remember Me, the clocks will be turned back as audiences are transported into the past to witness the rebirth of five of their vampiric residents. Focusing on their dark and twisted pasts, each experience will range from half an hour to full hour experiences as Countess Cora’s advisor, Hakan, acts as a guiding light into the past of a given vampire.


Each narrative is a collaboration between Rachel Foti and the residents of The Count’s Den, with an emphasis to ensure that each episode highlights the relatable, yet tortuous past of each vampire. Remember Me Germaine explores his dark and destructive past, while Elizabeth’s past focuses on her sexual trauma. Ellie’s innocence hides a dark secret, Cora’s determination and strength permeates her experience, and Hakan himself explores the mysticism of his magic. These experiences will span generations and centuries, each providing a unique feel and shocking moments.


All experiences, however, will be darkly evocative with emotionally triggering content; after all, guests will be reliving the moments prior to one’s last mortal breath and facing the vampire that bestowed immortality on them.